About Us

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" meets "Get Out"

Thank you for visiting. My graphic novel is a slasher thriller mystery about a woman named Shay who believes she’s found the right man to build her life with, but the man’s ex girlfriend shares with Shay a chilling secret. It turns out there is “another woman” in the boyfriend’s life. This woman is cunning, she’s nefarious, she’s violent, she’s even deadly...and she lives inside of the boyfriend, using him to shapeshift to her deceivingly sexy form. The ex-girlfriend left because of the boyfriend’s “imperfection” but in Shay’s case, unconditional love could be the only thing to keep her from a bloody death.

This book is totally relatable for anyone. It also depicts the mentality of our people.

Read this Book. You will totally enjoy.


Lane Fobbs aka Kokujin